Elmwood OSCAR uses an effective process to resolve complaints about service provision.

Process for receiving, considering and resolving complaints


An informal complaint is typically a verbal or written statement of dissatisfaction

A formal complaint is an official complaint made about the programme, staff or committee member about misconduct.

Informal Complaints Procedure

If any parents have a concern about the programme, they should first approach a staff member who will attempt to rectify the situation. If a parent or caregiver feels their concerns have not been addressed, they should contact the chairperson of the managing committee member at

Formal Complaints Procedure

If a parent or caregiver has a concern regarding misconduct of a staff or committee member, they should contact the chairperson of the managing committee member at


Informal complaints

Verbal complaints to staff members will be responded to on the spot, if possible. If a staff member is unable to respond, they may politely explain to the parent/guardian that they will consult another staff member or appropriate committee member and get back to them as soon as possible (within 48 hours).

Written and Formal Complaints

Formal complaints and other complaints made in writing will be responded to by the chairperson within a timely manner. Within 48 hours, the chairperson will respond by email acknowledging the complaint. If the chairperson is able to provide an explanation or solution at this time, they should do so. If not, they should provide the complainant with a time frame as to when they will get back to them. Where possible, a mutually agreeable outcome will be sought.

Support and Safety of the Complainant

Details of the complaint, including the identity of the complainant, must be kept confidential to those concerned, unless requested otherwise by the complainant.

Breaches of the Social Services Standards

If you feel that your concern or complaint has not adequately resolved the complaint and is in breach of the Social Services Accreditation Standards, you can email SSA directly at with:

  • your name (unless you want to remain anonymous)

  • your contact details (unless you want to remain anonymous)

  • the organisation's name and address

  • details about the complaint.

If you want to remain anonymous, your complaint will be treated with the same level of importance. SSA will not be able to provide feedback for anonymous complaints. Please visit the Ministry of Social Development’s Te Kahui Kahu website for further information.