Our Services and Programmes

Elmwood OSCAR provides client services and/or programmes that meet clients’ needs, reflect desired outcomes and goals, and are planned, co-ordinated and reviewed.

Enrolment Procedures

Enrolmy Booking System

All bookings are made through Enrolmy https://enrolmy.com/elmwood-oscar

The form must be completed in entirety prior to the child’s commencement in the program. Parents are responsible for keeping enrolment information updated. Reminders will be sent out at the start of each year. and updated annually by signing into your Enrolmy account.

Enrolment Information

Enrolment includes the following information:

  • Child’s name, address and home phone numbers

  • Parent/guardian’s names and work phone numbers

  • Emergency contacts

  • Names of adults authorised to collect the child

  • Custody or access arrangements, and protection orders

  • Cultural or dietary requirements

  • Health problems, allergies, and medication required

  • Name and contact of the family doctor


  1. Before School Care

  • Before school care operates from 7:30 am- 8:30 am

  • Two staff supervise a maximum of 20 children

  • Parents have the option of adding on breakfast for a nominal amount

  • Activities provided are calm and quiet, e.g. colouring and drawing, card games, reading (to the children or by themselves), finishing homework, etc

  1. After School Care

  • After school care operates from 3pm- 6pm

  • Up to three staff supervise a maximum of 24 children

  • Afternoon tea is provided at no extra charge

  • Activities provided keep the children entertained and engaged, e.g. arts and crafts, Lego, dolls, board games, outdoor games, bikes, basketball, sandpit, swimming (Terms 1 and 4), free play, etc

  1. Holiday Programme

  • Two session times are offered during the holiday programme: 8am-6pm and 8am-3pm.

  • Up to three staff supervise a maximum of 24 children

  • Afternoon tea is provided at no extra charge

  • Each day there are several activities provided based on the theme of the day, e.g. Mad Scientist Day, Construction Day, Camping Day, etc.

  • Other activities include baking and all of the regular activities children enjoy in the after school care programme.

Student Input

Children are asked regularly of their interests. This will happen in general discussions with the children and in times where students are gathered together. The programme endeavours to incorporate children's ideas and interests into the programme (particularly, during holiday programmes) whilst also providing activities that spark new interests and curiosity.

Children will be encouraged to participate in planned activities; however, they will always have the option of choice. Any child not participating in an activity will be offered an alternative activity where appropriate. Elmwood OSCAR staff have a formal staff meeting at least once per term to review and plan activities. All staff are encouraged to have input into the programme planning.

Screen Time and Internet Access

Internet Access

Each student at Elmwood Normal School now has a personal logon to the ENS internet Server. This can be accessed in the OSCAR room.

Device Usage

Some children (Year 4 upwards) bring their own devices to school for class work and, as such, have their device in their school bags at OSCAR. Use of personal devices by children while at OSCAR is limited to:

  • Students who have a set homework task or piece of schoolwork to complete will be given an opportunity to use their device to complete their work for a maximum of 30 minutes (unless otherwise directed by a parent/caregiver) directly following afternoon tea.

  • Limited use for older children with parent permission. e.g. towards the end of the day when a student has been at school or the holiday programme for a significant number of hours.

  • Parents may request that their child is able to use their device at other times and for other reasons; however, the staff reserve the right to limit usage in order to provide opportunities for engagement and interaction with other children and activities.

  • Devices are not to be used at all (with the exception of occasional completion of homework) during the Before School Care programme.

Elmwood OSCAR staff encourage children to play, explore, and socialise with other children and promote the involvement in device-free activities.

Television and Gaming Console

  • The TV is not to be used during the Before School Care programme at all.

  • The TV may be used during After School Care and the Holiday Programme for limited times and in specific circumstances. e.g. while eating, at the end of the day, if it is a rainy day and the children are stuck in doors, when children are tired and scratchy, as a special treat on a movie day, etc.

  • TV time is at the discretion of staff and must be monitored to ensure that it is not overused

  • TV programmes and movies will be age-appropriate. Ratings should be ‘G’ or, if appropriate, ‘PG’. No movies or shows rated ‘M’ will be permitted to be viewed at OSCAR.

  • Use of the Wii will usually be reserved for the end of the day when there are not many children left at OSCAR.

Absences, Drop-offs and Pick-ups

Drop-offs and Pickups

  1. Before School

  • Children may be dropped off at OSCAR anytime from 7:30am

  • Where possible, parents should escort their child to the OSCAR room.

  • If this is not possible (e.g. due to COVID restriction), parents should encourage their child to go directly to the OSCAR room.

  • Young children will be escorted to their classroom between 8:30 and 8:45am

  • Older children will make their own way to their classroom from 8:30 am

  1. After School

  • A staff member will collect young children from their classroom at 3pm

  • Older children will make their own way to the OSCAR room

  • Children making their way from Heaton Intermediate will make their way promptly to ENS and the OSCAR room without detour

  • Parents/guardians or other authorised adults will collect their child from the OSCAR room no later than 6pm.

  • Parents/guardians will sign their child out using the OSCAR tablet or by using the QR code on their phones.

  1. Holiday Programme

  • Children may be dropped off at OSCAR anytime from 8 am

  • Parents should escort their child to the OSCAR room and sign them in using the OSCAR tablet or by using the QR code on their phones.

  • Parents/guardians or other authorised adults will collect their child from the OSCAR room no later than 6pm.

  • Parents/guardians will sign their child out using the OSCAR tablet or by using the QR code on their phones.

  1. Authorised Pick-Up

  • Only adults that are authorised to pick up a child may do so. This includes the parent(s)/guardian(s) on the enrolment form and other authorised adults.

  • If a parent requires their child to be picked by someone who is not an authorised adult listed on the enrolment form, they must notify the staff at Elmwood OSCAR by phone or text.

  1. Late Pick-Up

  • If a parent/guardian is late to pick up their child, a late fee of $20 for every 15 minutes past the pick up time may be applied to their invoice.

  • If a child is uncollected at the end of a programme the following procedure will be followed:

  • Two staff members will remain with the child.

  • Parents and emergency contact will be contacted.

  • If there has been no contact with the parents within one hour of the programme closing at 6pm the child will be taken to the nearest police station. A note will be left at the centre indicating where the child has been taken and the Chairperson of the managing committee will be informed.

Absences and Cancellations

  • Parents/guardians should notify Elmwood OSCAR if their child(ren) will be absent by calling or texting the Elmwood OSCAR cell phone on 027 733 7209 or by emailing info@elmwoodoscar.co.nz.

  • Cancellations must be made at least 48 hours in advance to avoid being charged.

  • If a parent has used the ‘recurring’ booking tool, they can cancel a session by logging into Enrolmy and deleting a booking. If it was a ‘repeated’ booking, a staff member must cancel the session.

  • Cancellations made less than 48 hours before the commencement of an activity will be charged the full fee unless the place can be filled.

  • Where possible, we will endeavour to swap a booked day if a booking needs to be changed due to unforeseen circumstances.