Elmwood OSCAR has the staffing capability and capacity to deliver services safely.

Staff and Volunteers


Elmwood OSCAR is staffed by paid employees who are onsite during programme hours and lead and supervise activities with children. Our staff includes both permanent and casual employees.


Elmwood OSCAR is managed by a committee of parent volunteers whose children attend Elmwood OSCAR. Committee members are unpaid volunteers who receive a discount on fees for their service.

Police checks

  • All employees including paid staff, volunteers, and committee members directly involved in the Programme agree to a copy of their police record being obtained.

  • Police vets for existing staff members are carried out every three years

  • Ongoing employment and involvement with Elmwood OSCAR is subject to a clean record (excluding minor traffic convictions).

  • No person with convictions for sexual crimes or crimes of violence against a person may be employed or volunteer at Elmwood OSCAR.

Staffing Requirements

  • Elmwood OSCAR programme will be supervised by no less than two staff members at all times.

  • The Staffing roster will always include at least two staff; at least one will be of 20 years of age or older.

  • All children will be within sight and sound of at least one staff member during programme time.

Minimum Staffing Ratios

The programme will adhere to the following ratios.

  • Onsite ratios will be 1 staff member : 10 children.

  • Offsite ratios will be 1 staff member : 8 children.

  • Activities pertaining to water will be 1 staff member : 4 children.

  • There will be at least two staff members rostered on for sessions with up to 20 children booked into the programme.

  • There will be three staff members rostered on for sessions with more than 20 children booked into the programme.

Supervisors/Team Leaders/Programme Coordinators

  • One staff member over the age of 20 is employed in the role of Programme Coordinator and has overall responsibility for the day-to-day operation of the programme.

  • All staff 20 years of age or older are responsible for overall site supervision, including being the team leader or shift supervisor for the session as needed.

  • The coordinator or a team leader/shift supervisor will always be in attendance at the programme during operational hours. This means until the last child has gone home.

First-Aid Training

Elmwood OSCAR requires all staff aged 20-years old and over to be first-aid trained. We encourage staff aged under 20-years old to be first-aid trained. Elmwood OSCAR will pay for a First Aid course once for each employee and for on-going refresher courses as required. Elmwood OSCAR may not pay for full courses where the employee has allowed their certificate to lapse following a Elmwood OSCAR-paid course.