Our Services

Elmwood OSCAR treats people with respect and delivers services in a manner that has regard for their dignity, privacy and independence.

The Role of Elmwood OSCAR

The role of Elmwood OSCAR is to “provide high-quality non-profit making community childcare run on a collective basis during non school hours where the needs and rights of children, caregivers, and childcare workers are recognised and supported.”

Elmwood OSCAR Programme Incorporated Constitution, 21 November 2020

Children at Elmwood OSCAR will:

  • feel safe, secure, respected, valued, cared for, happy, encouraged, and reassured.

  • be cared for in an environment which is non-discriminatory, whether by race, gender, religion, or other.

  • have opportunities to participate in a stimulating and varied programme of activities that are child-centred and age-appropriate whilst also allowing for choice to meet their recreational and social needs.

Parents/Guardians at Elmwood OSCAR will:

  • have their childcare needs met through the flexibility of Elmwood OSCAR’s service and the quality of the care provided.

  • know that their child(ren) is in safe hands while under the care of Elmwood OSCAR staff

  • have the opportunity to contribute to ongoing improvement and development of Elmwood OSCAR through feedback process and the opportunity to joining the managing committee

The staff and leadership at Elmwood OSCAR will:

  • provide a nurturing and stimulating environment that is responsive to the needs of children and the wider community.

  • respect diversities between children and promote culturally relevant programmes.

  • incorporate new and appropriate concepts into the programme as they arise.

  • work as a team and support one another.


Elmwood OSCAR is a community-based programme based at Elmwood Normal School that provides out-of-school-care in a positive and child-friendly environment where children are encouraged to participate in activities of their choice and interest. Children have access to a range of equipment and materials, including toys and games, art and craft materials, outdoor and sport equipment, and access to onsite playground equipment and facilities.

  1. Indoor spaces

Indoor spaces include a multipurpose room with a kitchenette, hands-on play spaces and equipment, tables for arts and crafts, a television, and floor space for games and activities. There is also a smaller breakout room for quiet activities, resting, and socialising. A multitude of toys and resources are stored in shelving units that can be brought out by staff or on student request.

  1. Outdoor spaces

Elmwood OSCAR has a storage shed for outdoor and sports equipment including, but not limited to: balls, hopes, skipping ropes, bikes, scooters, roller-blades, sand toys, and so on. Immediately outside of the OSCAR room, we have a courtyard with basketball hoops, a playground, and a sand pit. Other facilities on the school grounds can also be used as directed by staff (with supervision), including the main courtyard, the field, and the swimming pool.

Te Tiriti o Waitangi / The Treaty of Waitangi

Elmwood OSCAR honours The Treaty of Waitangi as our nation’s founding document and is committed to the spirit of partnership, participation and protection embodied by the Treaty of Waitangi.

  • Staff will encourage and support parents/guardians/whānau contributions and acknowledge that they play an important role in their child’s development

  • Partnership relies on staff being welcoming and having genuine relationships with our community.

  • Activities will introduce and grow children’s understanding and command of te Reo Māori language where possible.

  • Activities will acknowledge a diversity of values and beliefs, and demonstrate respect for tikanga Maori

  • Adding a Māori perspective to programmes and activities is an opportunity for us to weave tikanga and Te Ao Māori viewpoints into everyday situations.

Culturally Responsive Practices

Elmwood OSCAR identifies and responds to the cultural needs of an ethnic, social and/or religious nature. We do this by:

  • Asking parents/guardians to identify any special cultural needs at the time of enrolment

  • Connecting with families through face-to-face conversations

  • Actively taking measures to have conversations and know about the cultural and life experiences of students

  • Valuing the richness of the cultural knowledge and skills that students bring to OSCAR through discussions with students and whānau

  • Valuing the diverse knowledge and practices of its students through incorporating a variety of culture activities into programmes

  • Using students’ cultural knowledge, perspectives and skills as a resource for developing activities

  • Creating a safe and supportive environment where everyone feels valued and strong relationships are built


Elmwood OSCAR delivers programs free from any discrimination. We acknowledge that children and young people are happiest when they feel accepted and can enjoy positive relationships with their peers and OSCAR leaders. We promote this by taking a community approach where:

  • Everyone is made to feel welcome

  • Students help and play with each other across age brackets

  • Staff collaborate with each other

  • Staff and children treat one another with respect

  • There is a partnership between staff and parents/guardians

  • Staff and members of the managing committee work well together

Children with Special Needs and/or Disability

Children with special needs and/or disabilities will not be excluded from Elmwood OSCAR, providing the managing committee and staff are confident that the child’s/children’s needs can be catered for without negatively affecting the day to day running of the programme or the quality of care the other children receive.

  1. Care of children with special needs

It is important to recognise that the Elmwood OSCAR staff are not trained in the care of special needs and/or disabilities children. Staff safety as well as the safety of the child involved and that of the rest of the group will be considered before Elmwood OSCAR agrees to enrol a child with special needs. Elmwood OSCAR will discuss these issues with the parent and the school before a decision is made.

  1. Needs and requirements

Full information about the child’s/children’s requirements including medication, diet and supervision must be obtained from the parents and included with the child’s/children’s enrolment form.

  1. Awareness of requirements

It is the staff's responsibility to ensure all caregivers and volunteers are fully aware of the child’s/children’s requirements and they feel confident they are able to provide the necessary level of care for the child/children.

  1. Accessibility and Aids

If the child/children will require special aids such as modified facilities e.g. wheelchair ramps that are currently not in place, the management committee will consult with the school to attempt to find a solution to the problem. In the case of a child or children that require extra care, is it possible to provide the extra care and if any additional cost to the parent would be applicable. Each case will be considered individually, and every effort will be made to include the child/children within the limits of the resources of Elmwood OSCAR.