Governance and Management

Elmwood OSCAR has clearly defined and effective governance and management structure and systems.

Governance and Management Structure

Certificate of Incorporation

Elmwood OSCAR Programme Incorporated was incorporated under the Incorporated Societies Act 1908 on the 1st day of April 1998 (Incorporation Number: 888835 / NZBN: 9429042923374)

Charity Status

Elmwood OSCAR Programme Incorporated registered as a charity on 14/07/2010 (Registration Number CC44650).

Constitution and Rules

The constitution of Elmwood OSCAR Programme Incorporated outlines, among other things, information related to: objectives, powers, meetings, the committee, financial arrangements, indemnity, and liquidation. The constitution is more than 20 years old and should be considered in conjunction with up-to-date policies and procedures.

Management Structure Chart

Elmwood OSCAR Records and Information


Elmwood OSCAR follows policies and procedures for the collection, use and retention of personal information in accordance with relevant legislation which may include, but is not limited to:

Privacy Act 2020; Public Records Act 2005; Domestic Violence Act 1995; Health (Retention of Health Information) Regulations 1996; Tax Administration Act 1994; Goods and Services Tax Act 1985; and Electronic Transactions Act 2002.

Data Collection and Record Keeping

Elmwood OSCAR places high value on privacy of information relating to staff, children, and community members. The programme maintains the highest level of privacy and discretion in all matters in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993.

  • Parents are to complete an online enrolment form before a child attends using our digital booking system, Enrolmy.

  • Parents are to update enrolment details if they change.

  • Any information obtained by the programme can only be used for the purpose for which it was given and will not be given or sold to any other organisation by Elmwood OSCAR.

  • All information on children and their families is stored securely within our online database and booking system, Enrolmy.

  • Only those with the required authority to do so can access information on children and their families.

  • Information is password protected and can be changed if a staff member leaves the organisation.

  • Staff documents and Elmwood OSCAR official documentation are stored within a shared drive on Google Workspace, only accessible to committee members.

Information Technology and Cyber-Security Safety Measures

Elmwood OSCAR takes appropriate steps to strengthen and protect the privacy and security of information, including:

  • Using a secure, cloud based platform (Enrolmy) to keep customer data secure.

  • Using Google Workspace to store data and documents in a highly secure, reliable and compliant environment.

  • Google Workspace has strong contractual commitments regarding data ownership, data use, security, transparency and accountability

  • Using Cloud Identity features to manage users and enforce multi-factor authentication and security keys for added protection.

  • Reducing the risk of cyber-attacks by using complex, hard to guess passwords (a combination of numbers, upper and lowercase letters, and symbols and/or phrases with a minimum of eight characters)

Privacy Requirements

Elmwood OSCAR ensures staff members understand privacy requirements and includes privacy and confidentiality clauses in staff employment agreements.

  • All personal information shared in discussions between staff or at meetings is to remain between those persons.

  • All sensitive and personal discussions involving phone or between people shall be held discreetly and in private.

  • At all times staff and volunteers in the programme will comply with the requirements of the Privacy Act 1993.